Recent cases:

Martin Coyne


I am an extremely well established insolvency practitioner, having operated in the West Midlands for the last 30 years – acting as a trusted restructuring and insolvency adviser to a large number of accountancy firms and their clients.

Specialist expertise:

• Advising Directors and Owner Managers on refinancing and restructuring their business.

• Advising clients seeking new funding lines where previously none was thought to be available, through long standing industry connections and innovative thinking.

• Advising clients on taking security where they are investing in their own business.

• Assisting clients whose relationship with their lenders may be strained and helping to rebuild bridges.

• Assisting clients in negotiating with HMRC (e.g.Time to Pay Arrangements), Landlords and Key Suppliers.

• Advising clients on how to buy a business from an Insolvency Practitioner.


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